I can highly recommend Revivisence! My husband and I have been clients for a number of years. Fiona is highly professional and an excellent masseuse. I attribute our regular appointments at Revivisence to our general state of wellness. We always feel extremely revived and relaxed after our appointments.
Matt & Stacey Packer

I have been having monthly massages and facials with Fiona at Reviviscence ever since I moved to the Brighton area over 3 years ago and I can honestly say I've never felt better! I regard both the massage and facial as essential to my overall wellbeing - no longer a luxury but a necessity in my life! I have a very busy job which requires a lot of interstate travel and I've found since I started having monthly massages (along with regular exercise), I manage my stress levels much better and get less headaches. The facials, aside from being wonderful for my skin, are also extremely relaxing. In addition to using natural skincare products, Fiona also 'massages' the face as a part of the process and this is great for toning the skin. The facial also includes a blissful scalp massage! Finally (and very importantly), she is also very reasonably priced.

As a semi-regular massage client for the last 3 1/2 years I can attest to Fiona's wide range of skills, in-depth knowledge of her field and great instincts for bodywork. I started having regular massages with Fiona during pregnancy - not the easiest time to relax in any one position for more than five minutes. She had solutions for everything from accommodating the growing bump to introducing foot reflexology when I could no longer lie down for a full body massage. After my baby's birth, regular massages became a chance to ease aching back muscles, correct my wonky posture from endless night feeds, and of course catch up on a few zzz's!!! I still do doze off now and then, but mostly just savour that precious nurturing time and the chance to feel restored, relaxed and recharged.

With Fiona at reviviscence, I've finally found an excellent masseuse. I've had a lot of massages in my time, including plenty of bad ones, frankly. She's highly competent, professional, attentive and personable. I couldn't ask for more, and I'm never disappointed.
They say that when you find a good mechanic or plumber, you should jealously stick with them. So it is with my masseuse Fiona.
Extremely highly recommended!
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