Chakra Breathing Meditation $25

Chakra Breathing

Attune to your Chakras with Two Breathing Exercises .The chakras are the energy centres of Eastern medicine and relate to the Western system of endocrine glands. Focusing on the chakras while concentrating on breathing can give you a powerful sense of healing and strengthening of body and mind.

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Aluta & The Mystics-The Struggle Continues-soothing $27

Aluta and the Mystics

You know what it′s like when talented musicians hook up - things rarely go exactly to plan and in this case the truism blossomed in the best possible way! ( The Struggle Continues′ ) is an album whose time has come.

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Simply chillout 4cd set $30

Simply Chillout

No other music can aid relaxation quite as well as the works of the great composers. From the baroque through the romantic era to the present day, this elegant collection of classical favourites presents some of the most beautiful and relaxing music ever written, all played by some of the world's top orchestras and performers.

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Bliss (Danish) - The Afterlife $32


With Afterlife, Bliss creates another atmospheric masterpiece based around the true story of a man who found himself at the tail end of his life, but was able to overcome and fight his way back.

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The Just Music Cafe Album-2CDs "Acoustic & Beats" $30

Just Music Cafe

This beautifully packaged and boxed double album is the first of a series and uniquely features only artists from the Just Music label - including Jon Hopkins, Honeyroot, Future Loop Foundation, Dan Arborise, and many more - whose artist albums are all beautifully illustrated in the accompanying 24 page booklet. Both the Acoustic CD1 and the Beats CD2 are lovingly sequenced and mixed by DJ Ben Mynott to create an exquisite and total Just Music listening experience.

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